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Workstation Ergonomics

What Is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is derived from the greek words “Ergon” meaning work and “nomoi” meaning natural laws. It is the science of fitting a task to a person and aims to make that task easier and more comfortable for the worker to perform.

Having the correct ergonomics at work is important because, not only does it reduce workplace injuries and hence lost work time due to sick days, it can also enhance productivity. When a worker is comfortable they become more efficient, efficiency promotes proficiency and enjoyment which encourages the worker to engage in the task more often, leading to increased productivity.

We recommend an Ergonomic assessment for all desk and computer workers, especially those who experience shoulder, arm or hand pain, workers with postural (back or neck) pain, new employees, those who have recently changed workstations or those who are returning to work after a prolonged absence.

It’s important to note that Ergonomics is a personal thing. As humans, we come in all shapes and sizes and as such correct workplace set-up is going to be different for everyone. Having your workstation specifically assessed for your physical dimensions is the best way to reduce workplace pain and discomfort and minimise injuries.

What does the assessment entail?

Your ergonomic assessment is performed by a qualified clinical physiotherapist who assesses and treats workplace injuries every day. As such we have a sound understanding as to the nature and cause of your pain and the best ways to deal with it.

Our physiotherapists will come out to your workplace and perform a detailed assessment of your work environment. It begins with a brief discussion about your job description, its demands and any pre-existing injuries or complaints you may have. This is then followed by a thorough assessment of all aspects of your workstation, addressing:

  • The Ambience (Lighting, temperature and noise levels)
  • The chair and its set-up, making sure you understand how it works!
  • The desk layout including explanation and advice on the optimal viewing zone, optimal reach zone and optimal working area.
  • The monitor/s position
  • The keyboard and mouse
  • Document holders
  • The phone position and set-up
  • Advice on regular stretching, which stretches to perform and how often. As well advice on adopting good workplace habits to minimise the risk of injuries.

Where possible we will make corrections, on the spot, using existing furniture and equipment and if required we will make recommendations about any added or new equipment the worker may need.

All changes made to the workstation are documented at the time and following each assessment we provide a comprehensive report to the employer outlining changes that were made and any future recommendations there may be.

For more information and to book your personalised ergonomic assessment call us today on (08) 9486 8653.

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