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At Elite Range Physiotherapy, we are committed to continuing our education on the best and brightest methods in the physiotherapy healthcare industry. We do our best to learn, practice, and implement every credible form of healing treatment we can find, to offer our patients the most effective, efficient, and well-rounded treatment services available today.

Our experienced physiotherapists are experts in the assessment and treatment of back & neck pain, sports injuries and general muscle and joint discomfort.

Our central location on William St (20 meters from Perth Underground Train Station) enables us to offer these expert services to not only Perth City, but the surrounding CBD areas.

Our treatment methods include:

Joint Mobilisation – The passive movement of a particular joint with the aim of restoring full function and range of motion

Heat Therapy – The concept of heat therapy is centuries old. The purpose of heat application is to enhance increased flexibility to soft tissue, remove toxins from cells, inspire muscle relaxation, and relieve pain

Cryotherapy – We are not afraid to admit that this is just a fancy Greek way to say “put some ice on that.” Cold therapy is best applied within the first 48 hours following an injury. Though cold therapy has been regularly used in houses and gymnasiums the world over, knowing how long and how often to ice something is a bit more precise than one might think

Ultrasound – Ultrasound is the passing of high frequency sound waves through muscle tissues and fibers. We mainly use ultrasound to reduce nerve root irritation, improve blood flow, break up scar tissue, ease muscle spasms and increase soft tissue extensibility

Dry Needling – Akin to “Acupuncture,”” Dry Needling is based on Neuroanatomy sciences, rather than on the meridians of Acupuncture origins in the far east. Dry Needling can inspire stagnant tissue toward a localised healing response and stimulate neural pathways to minimise pain of injury. Through this method, Dry Needling can assist with swollen or stiff joints, postural dysfunctions, muscle flexibility limitations and imbalances, and strength deficiencies

Ergonomic Advice/Assessments – Ergonomics is the science of people in relation to their work – at Elite, we don’t just treat our patients in-house, we teach them how to treat themselves out in the world. Ergonomics advice can be as simple as teaching proper lifting techniques, or how to safely sit in a chair for hours on end.

Taping and Bracing – Rigid, Kinesio (Rock) and Dynamic taping techniques to stabilise joints and enhance muscle function.

Therapeutic Exercise:

  • Floor Pilates
  • Strength Exercises
  • Cardiovascular and Rehabilitation Strategies
  • Flexibility Techniques

Muscular Release:

  • Soft Tissue Release
  • Deep Tissue Release
  • Friction Massage
  • Myofascial Release

Advice and Information on:

  • Acute Injury Management
  • Injury Prevention
  • Postural Support
  • Appropriate Beds and Pillows




Elite Range Physiotherapy now stocks STEP FORWARD ORTHOTICS.
Until recently we have on-referred for patients requiring orthotics, however due to clients reports of continued discomfort, low compliance rate and the inability to fit casted orthotics into most shoes we have found an alternative option.

 STEP FORWARD ORTHOTICS are better for a number of reasons:
  • They’re small enough to fit into ballet pumps and backless shoes, ensuring higher compliance amongst patients, especially females.
  • Unlike normal custom made orthotics which is a ‘crutch’ for the foot, Step forward orthotics provide a dynamic mould of the normal foot. This allows for correction of tight tendons and strengthening of weak muscles. This is shown by improvements in the pre and post foot print after approximately 2 years of wearing them.
  • They correct the medial, lateral and transverse arches of the foot, rather than focusing predominantly on the medial longitudinal arch.
  • They cost $435 (includes fitting), much cheaper than custom made orthotics, and most private health rebates still apply. They have a 95% success rate.

Orthotics can help with:

Our practitioners will take a print of your feet, and explain the imperfections. We then send for the orthotic which is sized to your foot, and fit at your next appointment. This takes approximately 2-3 working days. So if you’re struggling with some aches and pains and need a professional to talk to, don’t hesitate to contact Elite Range Physiotherapy today for relief from joint and muscle pain in Perth.

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