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Why Choose Us

Why choose us? We are so glad you asked!! There are a few very exciting features we offer our patients in Perth that few, if any, other physiotherapists can offer. For instance:

There will be No Floating Here

Many physiotherapists will float between clients, causing intermittent waiting times for you should they accidentally get caught spending more time on another patient. At Elite Range Physiotherapy in Perth, you have our undivided attention from the time we enter, to the time you leave. Ok, we might leave the room if you need to change.

There will be No Assumptions Made

Elite Range Physiotherapy in Perth does not work with “guess-timations.” We don’t schedule multiple appointments for weeks on end. We are careful to reassess your condition each and every time you visit us and will adjust your treatment plan according to how your specific body is healing and responding.

We Know Time is Pain

In today’s world we scramble for time. We run here, we run there and half the time we aren’t sure what we’ve missed while we’re running. For some reason, when it comes to treating pain, we tend to ignore it because we’re “too busy with more pressing matters.”

At Elite Range Physiotherapy, we’ve noticed the time limitations of our Perth neighbours, and responded with a few significantly accommodating solutions to make treating joint pain in Perth a bit more manageable. For example:

  • Elite Range Physio offers same day appointment options
  • Elite Range Physio resides in the CBD Wellness Centre just 20 metres from the new Perth underground train station
  • Elite Range Physio offers appointments congruent with your lunch hour
  • Elite Range Physio offers appointment scheduling after normal business hours

We do this because we want to afford our patients every opportunity to ease the pain that hinders their lifestyle, and overall productivity. We all experience these kinds of aches at some point in our lives. Elite Range Physiotherapy exists to ensure you don’t have to live with it forever.

Get a Second Opinion on your Very First Visit

For years now, there’s a common phrase that follows a medical diagnosis. We’re sure you’ve heard it. It goes something like, “Get a second opinion.” Well, at Elite Range Physio, we want you to know, we’ve got that covered for you too.

We’re proud to announce our recent partnerships with Bodyright Massage and Central City Chiropractic inside the walls of the CBD Wellness Centre located on William Street in downtown Perth.

The purpose of these unions is to provide our patients with the option of multiple assessments, opinions and treatment plan options, for both short term comfort and long term solutions, all under one roof. At CBD, you can get a 1st opinion, a second opinion, and even a third without having to walk out the door.

If you feel you would prefer the analysis of specialists from each of our partnering divisions, you are welcome to make more than one appointment that coincide with one another for your convenience sake. Once you’re within the walls of the wellness centre, it is little more than a trip across the hall for a thorough and credible second opinion.

This is just one more way we’ve striven to give our patients the absolute best musculoskeletal healthcare available for muscle and joint pain in Perth.

Contact Elite Range Physio today to find out just how accommodating we can be for your busy schedule. You won’t regret stopping by.

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